AI safety and health monitor

 SafetyAmber Sensor

          What is SafetyAmber Sensor?

                           It's a AI safety and health monitor for people living alone or empty nesters!

  • It provides real-time safety and health risk warnings and daily dynamic presentations reflecting the daily activities/ vital signs by intelligently judging the poses and vital signs of the daily living of the solitary. These safety and health risks include: falling to the ground, excessive bed rest time, abnormal sitting posture, excessive vital signs, abnormal activity patterns, and so on.           

  • With advanced deep learning and edge computing technology,  it can accurately judge of human posture and vital signs, and  protects the privacy of the caretaker at meantime.

  • It combins with safety and health risk warnings and a personal dynamic trend panorama, the system minimizes the safety risks of solitary people.

  • Enjoy these outstanding features, caregivers do not need to bear the extra burden, no need to wear equipments, no buttons. In an unintended daily routine, the SafetyAmber Sensor protects your safety and health around the clock.

  How does SafetyAmber Sensor work?

  • Install SafetyAmber Sensor in a room, it starts to collect activities and vital signs data of a solitary person in a non-contact manner within a certain distance.

  • The data will be processed and analyzed locally in the smart device, and the analysis results will be uploaded to the cloud server for aggregation.

  • The cloud server sorts the results, and the warning information of safety and health risks will be immediately sent to the mobile APP/SMS/Telephone voice reminder function of the user (usually a friend or relative guardian); for the user with special service arrangement, the relevant warning information will also be sent to the computer screen of the Community Service Support Center.

  • These notifications will provide timely and detailed data guidance to relatives of users and related service centers.

  • Non-urgent information such as the activity patterns/normal vital signs of people living alone are also summarized on the cloud server, in prepation for daily dynamic briefing and further in-depth learning in the future, personal rules and personal data base can be formed.


  • Edge computing and AI deep learning technology

  • Dependable 24/7 monitoring                                    

  • Wide angle 280 degree                                             

  • Cloud back up and support                                      

  • Cell phone and computer APP remote control      

  • Simple, Affordable, Personalized and Reliable       

  • No wearables, no buttons                                        

  • Connectivity: WIFI 2.4G Sensor                               

  • Coverage: 300sq feet per device