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The home kitchen's first cake cone maker!

Upgrade your ice cream with a fresh and homemade cake cone. Unlike any other appliance, our dream machine creates the classic cake cone shape (and can even double as a waffle maker!). HomeCone is unique and affordable, perfect for any kitchen and every ice cream lover.


HomeCone Story

Over the summer, our friends noticed that they couldn’t make cake-cones(or what our kids called, “the Dairy Queen”) at home. While we could roll waffle cones, any ice cream fanatic would understand, waffle cones just don’t taste the same.
Determined to solve this simple problem, our international team collaborated to design HomeCone, the world’s first cake--cone maker.
Our concept has been refined and is ready to make its debut in your kitchen.

Be a part of HomeCone and with your support, we can make everyone’s kitchen a little sweeter.


HomeCone Functions With Ease

How Does HomeCone Work?

For Cones:

  • Mix your custom cone batter while preheating HomeCone

  • Using the provided measuring cup, pour batter into both cone molds

  • Choose your setting and HomeCone will turn off after the perfect cooking time!

  • After 5-10 minutes, enjoy your warm and crispy cones with cool ice cream

For Waffle Add-on:

  • Mix in your waffle batter

  • Using the provided measuring tool, pour batter across the mold

  • Choose your setting

  • Cook for 8 minutes


HomeCone is Quick, Compact, and Fresh

Why You’ll LOVE HomeCone

  • New and Unique

Make your own custom cake cones at home with our multipurpose cone and waffle maker.

  • Quick

Both cooking and cleaning with HomeCone is efficient. Make two crispy cones or two mouth-watering waffles in under ten menutes. Cleaning is no problem with the non-stick coating. Dishwasher safe.

  • Compact

HomeCone is the first home kitchen cake cone maker. It's sleek and compact design is much more functional and cheaper for the home cook than commercial cone makers on the market.

  • Fresh

With HomeCone, you can control the ingredients in your dessert by personalizing your batter, chocolate, strawberry, buttercotch and more.



  • 700 Watts   

  • Includes removable 2 cones and waffle plates.

  • Plastic housing / Stainless steel housing                                     

  • Die Cast Aluminum cooking parts with non-stick coating   

  • Maximum 10 minutes cooking time